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Allāh Subḥānahū wa Ta’ālā says: And so, as for those who believe in Allāh and hold fast to Him, He will cause them to enter iuto a Mercy from Him and (bestow on them) a Bounty; and He will guide them to Him along a straight path.

An-Nisa 4:175

Allāh Subḥānahū wa Ta’ālā said to His Prophet: Say (to mankind): what do you think, if Allāh took away your hearing and your sight and sealed your hearts, Who is there other than Allāh Who could restore it for you? See how We display Our revelations to them? Yet still they turn away.

Al-Anam 6:46

Allāh Subḥānahū wa Ta’ālā says: And if all the trees on the earth were pens, and the seas, with seven more seas to help it (were made ink), even then the words of Allāh (describing His wonders, grandenr and majesty) would not be exhansted. Indeed, Allāh is Mighty, Wise.

Luqman 31:27

Narrated Jabir bin 'Abdullah: Allah's Apostle said, 'When night falls (or when it is evening), stop your children from going out, for the devils spread out at that time. But when an hour of the night has passed, release them and close the doors and mention Allah's Name, for Satan does not open a closed door. Tie the mouth of your water-skin and mention Allah's Name; cover your containers and utensils and mention Allah's Name. Cover them even by placing something across it, and extinguish your lamps. '

Narrated Sa'd bin Abi Waqqas: I was stricken by an ailment that led me to the verge of death. The Prophet came to pay me a visit. I said, 'O Allah's Apostle! I have much property and no heir except my single daughter. Shall I give two-thirds of my property in charity?' He said, 'No.' I said, 'Half of it?' He said, 'No.' I said, 'One-third of it?' He said, 'You may do so) though one-third is also to a much, for it is better for you to leave your off-spring wealthy than to leave them poor, asking others for help. And whatever you spend (for Allah's sake) you will be rewarded for it, even for a morsel of food which you may put in the mouth of your wife.' I said, 'O Allah's Apostle! Will I remain behind and fail to complete my emigration?' The Prophet said, 'If you are left behind after me, whatever good deeds you will do for Allah's sake, that will upgrade you and raise you high. May be you will have long life so that some people may benefit by you and others (the enemies) be harmed by you.' But Allah's Apostle felt sorry for Sa'd bin Khaula as he died in Mecca. (Sufyan, a sub-narrator said that Sa'd bin Khaula was a man from the tribe of Bani 'Amir bin Lu'ai.)

Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet sent for a slave who had the profession of cupping, and he cupped him. The Prophet ordered that he be paid one or two Sas, or one or two Mudds of foodstuff, and appealed to his masters to reduce his taxes: