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Allāh Subḥānahū wa Ta’ālā says: Then We revealed to Mūsā (saying)! Strike the sea with your staff. And (as he did this) it parted, (causing many through ways) and each part was like a huge mountain.

Ash-Shuara 26:63

Allāh Subḥānahū wa Ta’ālā says: And with Him (Allāh) are the keys of the unseen (of which) none but He knows. And He knows what is in the land and in the sea. And there is not a leaf that falls but that He knows about it, and not a grain (seed) in the darkness of the earth, nor a thing alive (organic), or dry (inorganic) but that (it is noted) in a clear record.
And He is the One Who takes your souls by night (when your are asleep), and has knowledge of all that you have done by day. And He brings you back to life each day so that a term appointed (your life period) be fulfilled. And afterward unto Him is your return. Then He will proclaim unto you what you used to do.

Al-Anam 6:59-60

Allāh Subḥānahū wa Ta’ālā says: And Our ordaining (a thing and its coming into being) is but one act like the twinkling of an eye

Al-Qamar 54:50

Narrated Ibn Abbas: The Prophet and his companions reached Mecca in the morning of the 4th Dhul-Hijja reciting Talbiya (O Allah! We are obedient to your orders, we respond 4 to your call) . . . intending to perform Hajj. The Prophet ordered his companions to assume the lhram for Umra instead of Hajj, excepting those who had Hadi (sacrifice) with them.

Narrated Al-Aswad: I asked 'Aisha 'How is the night prayer of the Prophet?' She replied, 'He used to sleep early at night, and get up in its last part to pray, and then return to his bed. When the Muadh-dhin pronounced the Adhan, he would get up. If he was in need of a bath he would take it; otherwise he would perform ablution and then go out (for the prayer).'

Narrated Sahl bin Sad: A drink (milk mixed with water) was brought to the Prophet who drank some of it while a boy was sitting on his right and old men on his left. The Prophet said to the boy, 'If you permit me, I'll give (the rest of the drink to) these old men first.' The boy said, 'I will not give preference to any one over me as regards my share from you, O Allah's Apostle!' The Prophet then put that container in the boy's hand. (See hadeeth No. 541).