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Allāh Subḥānahū wa Ta’ālā said to His Prophet: Say! O Allāh! Possessor of Sovereignty! You give sovereignty to whom You will, and You withdraw sovereignty from whom You will. You exalt whom You will, and You abase whom You will. In Your Hand is (all) the good. Indeed, You are able to do all things. You cause the night to pass into the day and You cause the day to pass into night, and You bring forth the living from the dead and the dead from the living, and You give sustenance to whom You choose without limit.

Ale Imran 3:26-27

Allāh Subḥānahū wa Ta’ālā says: And with Him (Allāh) are the keys of the unseen (of which) none but He knows. And He knows what is in the land and in the sea. And there is not a leaf that falls but that He knows about it, and not a grain (seed) in the darkness of the earth, nor a thing alive (organic), or dry (inorganic) but that (it is noted) in a clear record.
And He is the One Who takes your souls by night (when your are asleep), and has knowledge of all that you have done by day. And He brings you back to life each day so that a term appointed (your life period) be fulfilled. And afterward unto Him is your return. Then He will proclaim unto you what you used to do.

Al-Anam 6:59-60

Allāh Subḥānahū wa Ta’ālā says: If Allāh inf1icts you with hurt, there is none who can remove it but Him; and if He desires good for you, there is none who can repel His Bounty. He causes it to reach whomsoever He wills of His bondsmen; He is Forgiving, the Merciful.

Yunus 10:107

Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: Those involved in a case of Lian were mentioned before Allah's Apostle Asim bin Adi said something about that and then left. Later on a man from his tribe came to him and told him that he had found another man with his wife. On that 'Asim said, 'I have not been put to task except for what I have said (about Lian).' 'Asim took the man to Allah's Apostle and he told him of the state in which he found his wife. The man was pale, thin and lank-haired, while the other man whom he had found with his wife was brown, fat with thick calves and curly hair. Allah's Apostle said, 'O Allah! Reveal the truth.' Then the lady delivered a child resembling the man whom her husband had mentioned he had found with her. So Allah's Apostle ordered them to carry out Lien. A man from that gathering said to Ibn 'Abbas, 'Was she the same lady regarding whom Allah's Apostle said, 'If I were to stone to death someone without witnesses, I would have stoned this lady'?' Ibn 'Abbas said, 'No, that was another lady who, though being a Muslim, used to arouse suspicion because of her outright misbehavior.'

sahih al bukhari

Narrated Al-Miqdam: The Prophet said, 'Nobody has ever eaten a better meal than that which one has earned by working with one's own hands. The Prophet of Allah, David used to eat from the earnings of his manual labor.'

sahih al bukhari

Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, 'A man used to do sinful deeds, and when death came to him, he said to his sons, 'After my death, burn me and then crush me, and scatter the powder in the air, for by Allah, if Allah has control over me, He will give me such a punishment as He has never given to anyone else.' When he died, his sons did accordingly. Allah ordered the earth saying, 'Collect what you hold of his particles.' It did so, and behold! There he was (the man) standing. Allah asked (him), 'What made you do what you did?' He replied, 'O my Lord! I was afraid of You.' So Allah forgave him. ' Another narrator said 'The man said, Fear of You, O Lord!'

sahih al bukhari